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Frequently asked Questions
1.  Do I have any maps below Hartford?
No, I do not.  The government has nautical charts of that section
and Maptech has made a waterproof cruising guide to that area.

2.  What will be the next map I publish?
I am currently preparing to print the Second Edition of the
Holyoke to Hatfield map. Of course it will now be called Hatfield
to Holyoke.  This map should be ready for sale this summer.

3.  What equipment do you use to gather data on the river?
The boat is a 21 foot Key West walkaround.  On board I have a
Humminbird unit that features depth finder, GPS, chartplotter,
and side scan sonar.  I am able to store thousands of waypoints
which I can generate in a couple days of reserach.  For shallow
areas I have a canoe with depth finder and portable GPS unit.  I
can always use paddlers if anyone is interested.

4.  Are your maps waterproof?
The maps are not 'waterproof', although they do have an aqueous
coating that gives them a degree of water resistance.  I do have
maps that are laminated and are waterproof.

5.  Why are the deep areas a lighter color and the shallow areas a
darker color?
This is a convention on nautical charts.  Keeping a similar
arrangement on my maps will reduce confusion with those who are
used to using nautical charts.

6.  How many propellers have you gone through?
I am so aware of the bottom while doing research that I haven't
touched it (yet).  The stainless steel prop has no marks at all.  I
have about 9700 miles on the boat and nearly 1200 hours on the
Yamaha 115.  I did get into some sand at Shinecock Inlet on the
south shore of Long Island.

7.  Why has no one made a map of the river before this?
Don't know!
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