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I have five different PowerPoint presentations, each one focused on a specific
section of the river.  The presentations concentrate on the beauty, history, and
recreational opportunities on the Connecticut River.  Featured will be the beautiful
scenery along the river and the many moods that are created by time of day and
year.  I also show the wildlife plus the little coves, beaches and islands available to
explore.  Much of the history from the last couple centuries is still visible and will
be shown including ferry sites, bridges, dams, and the ravages of floods.  Also
covered is the evidence of the log drives and the old lock and canal systems that
were among the first in this country.  Along the way the numerous access points
to the river will be highlighted.  The show will include many aerial photographs.
The five presentations are listed below:
  • Bellows Falls, VT to Vernon, VT
  • Vernon, VT to Turners Falls, MA
  • Turners Falls, MA to Holyoke, MA
  • Holyoke, MA to Enfield, CT
  • Enfield, CT to Hartford, CT
The Connecticut River
Beauty, History, Recreation
Please contact me by email or call 413 330 3863
if you have questions or would like to schedule a
presentation about the river for your organization.
Two additional presentations:

  • The Erie Canal - From the Hudson River to Lake Ontario while
    passing through 23 locks

  • Sailing Bermuda to Newport - Preparing to sail and the 750
    mile voyage including a storm at sea.  Includes video.